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Missionary Upholders Trust (MUT): Synergising Member Care Partnerships

Shamala and Livingstone (names changed) are dedicated missionaries, serving God faithfully in Orissa through a mission agency. Tragedy struck when Shamala was detected with breast cancer and the malignancy forced her to undergo surgery. The chemotherapy took a severe toll on her. The tiresome process, the complete loss of hair coupled with incessant pain in her calf muscle, which is symptomatic of loss of… Read more →

Chennai, India: Missionary Upholders (MUT) Consultation; 2-4 February, 2007

This is the fifth consultation that MUT has organised for it’s member missions, church leaders, and other Christian leaders. The theme “Towards Higher Grounds” explores the standards of excellence that are needed in mission and in member care. Specific sessions will address family life, health, stress, death, leadership, systemic health/dysfunction, and future directions for member care. There are 80 +… Read more →