Resources by Strategy

Prayer Strategies

Presence of God – Raising the waterline of God’s manifest presence
  • Prayer as conversation with God – The role of intimacy with God in igniting movements to Christ.
  • Prayer mobilization, training & team building – The role of partnership in prayer for our work, for the workers and for those we seek to serve.
  • Worship warfare – Raising the waterline of God’s manifest presence through worship, engaging with God, proclaiming His will and exercising His delegated authority through supplication.
  • Prayer shield teams – Identifying and relating to personal/corporate intercessory teams to strengthen effectiveness and fruitfulness.
  • Houses of prayer and 24/7 prayer roomsEstablishing permanent lighthouses of continuous prayer & worship as a beachhead for the Kingdom of God.
Restoration – Something broken being restored.
  • Spiritual mapping, research, information strategies – Spirit-guided research into the supernatural underpinnings of reality to help produce more informed, effective intercession and outreach.
  • Prayer as ministry and member health – Personal restoration and transformation ministries, healing and deliverance ministries, prayer and conflict resolution, confession, forgiveness & repentance for individuals, teams and the growing Body of Christ accesses all the benefits offered by God for the abundant life He promised.
  • Prayer in crisis response – Prayer strategists embedded in crisis response teams help focus on and identify spiritual dynamics and appropriate responses in prayer, communicating updates and receiving encouragements from the wider prayer shield teams.
  • Identificational Repentance and Reconciliation – Healing wounds of the past through identifying with historical sins, thus weakening strongholds through release of forgiveness.
Advance – Kingdom expansion for His glory.
  • Strategic-level spiritual warfare and commitment to the land – taking authority over spiritual powers and strongholds hindering the advance of God’s kingdom.
  • Prayerwalking, prayer journeys – Moving prayer out of the church/home and into the community with praise marches, prayer expeditions, prayer journeys, and prayerwalking, praying onsite with insight, bearing the Presence of Christ among the communities we bear on our hearts before His Throne.
  • Prayer evangelism and power evangelism – Intelligently strategized and focused, prayer functions as a direct force for winning people to Christ. Signs and wonders follow the proclamation of the Word of God often after prayer for people.
YHWH – God’s power over all.
  • Prayer as strategy – Envisioning the God-sized reality from His heart and co-laboring to pray it into being under His direction.
  • Fasting – Setting aside good things voluntarily to prioritize the best things for His glory and the sake of His kingdom. Fasting quiets the appetite by choosing to hunger and thirst for God alone.