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Americas & Caribbean Insert

Buddhist of South Asia Insert

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Hindus of South Asia Insert

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- Ethne Region Prayer Guide Posters -

Americas & Caribbean Poster

Buddhist of South Asia Poster

Central Asia Poster

East & South Africa Poster

East Europe & Eurasia Poster

Hindus of South Asia Poster

Middle East and North Africa Poster

Muslims of South Asia Poster

Northeast Asia Poster

South Pacific & Southeast Asia Poster

West & Central Africa Poster

West Europe Poster

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Ethne to Ethne Brochure (English)

Ethne to Ethne Brochure (Deutsch)

Ethne Brochure_Global1

Ethne Brochure_Global2

Ethne Brochure_English

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DVD Cover Version 1

DVD Cover Version 2

DVD Label Volume 1

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Personal Prayer Preparation

Prayer Bibliography

Seed And Lion

Star And Intercessor

Suggested Agenda

Tips For Breaking the Fast

Tips For Physical Prep

Tips For Spiritual Prep

Time And Fruit

Walk And Captives

Walk And Light

Word And Money

Prayer Watch Area Setup

Prayer Watch Signup Sheet

Pray40 Floor Poster

Pray40 Poster Printable