Harvest-Linked Prayer Strategy “HeLPS” – Overview

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Prayer & Strategic Harvest  Initiative

In order for the Global Body of Christ to reach the 27%–the Least Reached People Groups (LRPs), facilitate a global, 12-month prayer initiative beginning June 2006 and ending May 2007, focusing on the Least Reached Peoples of each of 12 geographic regions month-by-month beginning in the east and moving westward.

Further, to encourage our networks and others in each region to simultaneously initiate 90 days of strategic harvest activities among these Least Reached Peoples in order to effectively conserve the expected results of this focused, global outpouring of prayer.

Ethnê’s mobilization dvd with a video overview, 12 five-minute testimony stories, and related tools will be ready for distribution March 2006. The initiative would actually begin June 2006, the month of Pentecost this year and the month for the 10-days of prayer and fasting for Global Day of Prayer June 4, 2006.

Tools to Facilitate Project

The key tool is a set of two dvds that will contain a series of 12 video stories (testimonies) 5-7 min. each, one per region, which are testimonies of what God has already done in the lives of believers formerly of LRPs [Least-Reached Peoples] in each region & now involved in reaching others. These stories give a face to the LRPs, Illustrate the ways God is moving in the earth today, and highlight specific prayer needs to inspire action. A set of bulletin inserts and a bookmark will be available for each region. Ethnê is partnering with Global Prayer Digest to produce 12 months’ worth of 30-day prayer guides, one matching each of the 12 Ethnê regions. Order a subscription or to subscribe to it daily by email at Joshua Project is partnering by providing links to their people group profiles. Further details information at

Strategic Harvest Initiative

Parallel with the prayer initiative, the Ethnê movement seeks to stimulation simultaneous 90 days of strategic harvest efforts focused on the Least-Reached Peoples of each region, beginning in the month for which they are prayed and continuing for the following two months. During this time, we believe that a unique window of opportunity exists, a kairos moment, when hearts are open and prepared as a direct result of the fervent specific prayers of the global Body of Christ. Workers from within and outside the regions are encouraged to take the opportunity to see new work pioneered among these groups which have little or no work at the present time.

Encourage connections to build a network of regional facilitators who:

  • Serve as a communications hub from the region to Ethne and back
  • Identify & link prayer and harvest force networks in each region
  • Identify regional videography teams to help produce video tools
  • Identify regional musician/ethnomusicologists to help produce Ethne music
  • Gather regional story ideas & assist to produce video story (testimony)
  • Gather & disseminate prayer points & praise reports through networks
  • Gather & share other helpful tools & models for fulfilling the vision of Ethne to Ethne, and
  • Help stimulate and inspire partnership toward prayer mobilization and simultaneous strategic initiatives for the region

Expected Outcomes

  1. Globalization of prayer-tying together prayer networks, churches and others in a tightly-woven net of coordinated prayer region-by-region over a one-year period which is effectively linked with grassroots harvest initiatives. [This does not generally exist at this point, especially on a global level.] The expectation would be to continue this year after year: as a new host for Ethnê steps forward, the ball would be passed to the next group to facilitate this initiative annually.
  2. Greater fruitfulness and rapidly-multiplying church planting movements-by tying together this global prayer initiative with strategic outreaches focused on church planting to bless each region, we will see new churches planted among the remaining 6,918 least reached peoples.
  3. Strengthened regional connections & ownership of the Great Commission-by partnering on a specific joint effort with existing UPG networks and other individuals, churches and agencies already at work in the regions, stronger bonds are forged between these groups, greater unity results, and the Church in the region is more effective locally as well as in its own global outreaches.
  4. Greater numbers of workers in least-reached areas– by sharing existing models of hope and highlighting the examples of fruit that has come from workers sent from Latin America, Africa, India, Russia, China, and other non-Western nations [in the story videos], emerging harvest forces are greatly encouraged and inspired to greater, more effective action and can stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before and be even more effective.
  5. Greater efficiency and economy of efforts-by using what God has already given us and stewarding those resources well, we believe God will bless and multiply resources to be more than enough for the task. This is a strong biblical principle throughout scripture. Less waste would occur by avoiding duplication of efforts. Because of strategic, focused prayer, we experience the blessing and empowerment of God which makes a formidable task do-able. With God, nothing is impossible!

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