The Winner Takes It All: prosperity, unequally distributed

Millionaire households make up less than a tenth of the world, and control nearly a third of its wealth.

Global millionaire households: 12.5 million
Top locations of millionaire households: US, 5.2m; Japan, 1.5m; China, 1.1m; the UK, 0.5m.
Most densely rich nation: Singapore (15.5% of households are millionaires)

Millionaire households, % of the world’s population: 0.9%
% of global wealth held by millionaire households: 29%

Millionaire households with at least $5 million: 0.1% of global population
% of global wealth held by $5 million households: 22%

% of American wealth in millionaire households: 29%
% of Middle East/North Africa wealth in millionaire households: 38%

Source: Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg