The average annual religious change in Iran:
Islam, +1.2% (matching the population’s overall growth)
Christianity (all traditions), +5.1%
Evangelicals (+19.6%)
Source: Operation World, 2010

The reality of Iran is rapidly changing, but Iran is an outlier in the Middle East. Many other countries in the region are seeing declining Christian populations.

Asian Urbanization Increasing Speed

via The China Post. Some pretty amazing statistics: 1 billion people will migrate into Asia’s cities. India has to build the equivalent of Chicago every year to accomodate migrates. 100 new cities from China will join the list of the top 600 urban centers which generate 60% of global GDP in the next decade. These are […] Read more →

Muslim Demographics in America

Robert Hunt goes against the old drum that Muslims are taking over America. And he’s absolutely right: It ain’t gonna happen–not in America, nor in Europe. Stop beating the drum. Stop fearing an Islamic invasion. Reach out in love i… Read more →

Status of East Asia: Spring 2011

See the full version of this article online, and send us your comments on trends in East Asia. As of 4/11 we are sponsored through April 27, 2011. Thank you to our donors, especially our international friends. You can give online. Disasters. 1. March 2010 earthquake in Japan. At 5:46 GMT (2:46 local time in […] Read more →

Case Study: How does the IMB Correct People Group Data

Here’s a case study in how one (very large) mission organization handles unreached people group data and the correcting thereof. The IMB monitors and manages feedback with a goal of listening particularly to field practitioners — those who live and minister on the local level.  Jim, the lead researcher, wrote to Brigada this past week, […] Read more →

Joshua Project Data on the Unreached

Joshua Project has provided some of the current facts about those unreached with the Gospel. Global Statistics Peoples-by-Country Individuals Global Total 16,595 6.73 billion Unreached / Least-Reached 6,864 2.77 billion Unreached / Least-Reached 41.4 % 41.2 % 10/40 Window Total 8,810 4.43 billion 10/40 Window Least-Reached 5,903 2.69 billion 10/40 Window % Least-Reached 67.0 % 60.8 % Count Affinity Blocs… Read more →