Reaching the Unreached

Approximately 7,000 people groups in the world are still unreached with the Gospel. Unity in the Body of Christ is key in finishing the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

Why Ethnê?

Ethnê is a global movement focused on seeing each Ethnê reached with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Jesus told us to make disciples of the ethnê (Mt. 28).  40% of the world’s population are members of 6,900 unreached ethnê!! 


Ethnê is the Official UPG movement or “Intersection” for 3 global Christian movements:

  • The Lausanne Committee on World Evangelization
  • The World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission
  • Transform World.

Why the word Ethne?

Eth-nê is the Greek word Jesus used for “nation”—a word which means tribe, ethnic group or people. Our world today has 6.4 billion individuals living in 234 geo-political nations but over 16,000 ethnê, or people groups, by country. Of those ethnê, more than 6,900 groups remain least-reached. This simply means they are a people group lacking an indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize their own people group. This means 1 in 4 people still remain without reasonable access to the gospel—the Forgotten One Fourth World.

Why Are They Least-Reached?

  • CULTURAL BARRIERS: persecution, closed to change, Christianity viewed as a “foreign” religion.
  • GEOGRAPHIC BARRIERS: remote, harsh climate, difficult access, or nomadic.
  • LINGUISTIC BARRIERS: illiteracy, no scripture in their language, unwritten language, terminology confusion.
  • POLITICAL BARRIERS: restricted access, evangelism forbidden, hostile environment (including war).
  • RELIGIOUS BARRIERS: restrictive religious climate, no freedom of religion, persecution.
  • UNRECOGNIZED: believers unaware of the need or the group, small in size, prejudice, isolated from the society in which they live.

Ethne to Ethne – Global, ongoing, multi-generational:

  • The whole body: All ethnê joining together to reach the rest of the ethnê.
  • Biblical language: reflecting global inclusion of allbelievers and peoples.
  • Great Commission Transformation: As other ethnê respond, they will join us to continue the transformation of our nations and our world.